Sunita Trivedi, M.D.

Trivedi, Sunita

Specialty: Internal Medicine

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Office Location:
Shore Drive
102 Shore Drive, Suite 303
Worcester, MA 01605

For appointments, call 508-856-0458

"The approach I take is individually suited for each patient, and it’s an approach we make together, laying out goals and closely monitoring progression to avoid complications and increase success."

Dr. Sunita Trivedi is an Internal Medicine Physician at the Shore Drive location of Saint Vincent Medical Group in Worcester. She treats patients with a variety of health issues, including issues related to women’s health, geriatric care and cardiovascular disease. 

“When my patients are experiencing a health issue, regardless of what that issue may be, I treat and manage their care while addressing all body symptoms and concerns instead of directing treatment toward just one particular concern.” Her multidisciplinary approach extends to her relationship with Saint Vincent Hospital, where Dr. Trivedi completed her residency in Internal Medicine and is able to connect her patients to specialists to provide more specific expert care when needed.

For patients in need of preventative medicine, Dr. Trivedi works closely with them to create a doable course of action and the guidance necessary to achieve and maintain health. “I like to give my patients examples of people who have achieved health by being proactive about their wellness. Starting with smaller goals is a great way to start off—along with encouragement and congratulations for a job well done.”

Board-certified in Internal Medicine, Dr. Trivedi completed her Internal Medicine residency at Saint Vincent Hospital in Worcester, Massachusetts, as well as a residency in Pediatrics at Medwin Hospitals in Hyderabad, India. Dr. Trivedi earned her degree in medicine from Government Medical College in Jabalpur, India.