Jennifer Newman

Clinical Dietitian, Diabetes Educator

Jennifer Newman image

Specialty: Endocrinology

Office Location:
Worcester Medical Center
123 Summer Street, Suite 535
Worcester, MA 01608

(508) 363-5189

"My philosophy is to be a support to my patients to help them accomplish their health goals. Let me use my knowledge of nutrition to guide you along the path to healthy living. As an educator, I focus on giving my patients the tools they need to reach their health goals. As a health coach, I offer support and guidance to get them to goal".

We are thrilled to welcome Jennifer Newman, Clinical Dietitian and Diabetes Educator, to Saint Vincent Hospital's Endocrinology and Gastroenterology suite. Jen attained her Bachelor of Science in Biology from Bridgewater State University and her Master of Science degree in Nutrition from Framingham State University.

In addition to working alongside the endocrinologists and gastroenterologist in her department, Jen's work involves helping patients learn what is optimal for them nutritionally. She provides guidance to patients with many health conditions, such as diabetes, IBS and celiac disease. In her free time, Jen enjoys activities like hiking and camping.

Jen is accepting new patients and welcomes your inquiries at 508-363-5189.