Geriatrics is a medical practice that provides comprehensive health care to address the complex needs of older adults.  The Geriatricians (geriatric physicians) at Saint Vincent Medical Group are experts in treating a wide array of diseases and disabilities common among senior patients.

Our geriatric practice requires a multi-disciplinary approach, often involving collaboration with other physicians, nurses, social workers, and occupational therapists to integrate health-care services for patients with multiple issues or requirements.

Health-maintenance screening is even more vital for an older population that often experiences higher risks for health issues and reliance on multiple medications.  With regularly scheduled assessments, Geriatricians can improve the identification of developing or progressing conditions or symptoms that frequently appear later in life, shifting their focus from preventive care to intervention as needed.

At Saint Vincent Medical Group, we take the time to listen to and incorporate the desires and needs of patients and their families.  Working together, we create a plan for care that incorporates healthy living and treatment for conditions, aimed at helping older adults to maintain optimal functioning, independence and quality of life.

Saint Vincent Medical Group’s Geriatrics practice can be found at the Worcester Medical Center location.

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