Steven Davis, M.D.

Dr. davis

Specialty: Sleep Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine

Office Location:
Worcester Medical Center
123 Summer Street, Suite 580 N
Worcester, MA 01608

Call 508-363-5670

"I see that my patients are treated with the utmost respect and consideration. Whether it is by personally returning a phone call or by speaking to their primary-care physician, I make sure I come through for my patients on the things that matter to them."

Dr. Steven Davis is a Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine Specialist at the Summer Street location of Saint Vincent Medical Group in Worcester. Dr. Davis holds specialties in both pulmonary diseases and sleep medicine, treating patients with a wide array of pulmonary problems and sleep issues that interfere with health.

Dr. Davis’ approach to care hinges on a commitment to both honesty and collaboration with his patients. “I try to be upfront and honest with my patients. I keep an open mind, and I never dismiss their thoughts, but rather make suggestions for treatment that aligns with their desires, while making headway toward improving health.”

New advances in medicine offered to patients at Saint Vincent’s is another way Dr. Davis is able to provide superior, quality care to his patients. “CyberKnife® treatment is a medical advancement that we are proud to offer to Saint Vincent patients. The treatment is available to patients with both lung cancer and emphysema as a precursor to surgery and has been yielding positive results with less intensive recovery.”

Prior to joining Saint Vincent Medical Group, Dr. Davis served as a Pulmonologist and Intensivist (Intensive Care Specialist) for 22 years at UMass Memorial Healthcare.  He completed his residency at St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center in Hartford, Connecticut and a fellowship at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. Dr. Davis holds an MD from the University of Vermont College of Medicine in Burlington, Vermont, and is board-certified in Pulmonary Medicine and Sleep Medicine.